- Dr. Kulbhushan Sharma , Phone No : 9830024270

Many thanks for an excellent and enjoyable course. I received positive, flexible support throughout and after the course period. The course was very structured, of a high training standard and consistent.

- Dr. Subhasis Ghosh , Email : Drghosh2004@yahoo.co.in

An eye opener. Such fun to learn, that I will be back for further training. Thank you for your patience and excellent teachings.

- Dr. Sudipto Das , Email : Sudipto.msrdc@gmail.com

Excellent course. I would especially recommend it for a busy practitioner as all content is well structured and allows you to carry on with practice without getting bogged down. Brilliant teachers, and great venues. I'm so glad I chose this course!

- Dr. Rahul Sepany , Email : drrahulsepany@gmail.com

This was a great course for learning the basics of Implantology. The course is well taught by both Dr. Kothari and visiting lecturer Dr. Hertel. The study and practicals were interesting, informative and enjoyable.

- Dr. Sayantan Mukherjee

THANK YOU, Dr. Hertel and Dr. Kamlesh. This course really made me feel comfortable in all the aspects of implant dentistry and took away the fear and taboo that was instilled within me.

- Dr. Amish Doshi , Email : dentistylea@hotmail.com , Phone No : 00254722755577

I had my Implant training under the supervision of Dr Kamlesh Kothari,and I must say that the experience was amazing. Not only did I get the most advanced knowledge in Dental lmplantology, but also the best hands on approach to this field. I can now place Implants in any bone type with utmost confidence. I would highly recommend Dr. Kothari to any prospective Dental surgeon who wants to venture into the field of Implant Surgery.